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Family Home Health Care Agency Business

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Location: Dhaka
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When you’re not feeling well,there is no place like home. That’s why Priyojon Healthcare Ltd. providesskilled medical care to patients who are disabled or recovering from anillness, injury or surgical procedure in the comfort of their own homes. Weoffer a full range of home healthcare services throughout Dhaka Bangladesh andChittagong Bangladesh to ensure patients receive the care they need, when andwhere they need it. Learn more about what you can expect from home healthcareservices here.

In-Home Healthcare Services:

Activities of Daily LivingSupport: To assist patients in resuming their daily routine at home, weprovide certified home health aides (HHA) to help with activities of dailyliving. These activities include bathing, grooming, dressing, walking, and muchmore.

After Hours Care and Support: We knowthat patient care does not end after normal business hours—through our AfterHours team, we are able to provide around the clock care. We offer evening andnighttime support as well as weekend and holiday visits.

Continence Care:Understanding the level of discomfort and embarrassment associated withincontinence, we offer comprehensive in-home continence care for patients.Services include urinary catheter maintenance, toileting programs and homeaccessibility assessments.

Infusion Therapy: Weprovide a wide range of in-home intravenous (IV) and nutritional supportservices for patients who have gastrointestinal disorders, congestive heartfailure, cancer or other conditions that require medication or nutritionalsustenance delivered through an IV. Our team includes registered nurses,pharmacists and dieticians who collaborate to provide the most effective carefor patients at home.

Medical Social Work: Forindividuals who are homebound or choose not to receive medical care at ahospital or other treatment facility, our team works to develop a care planthat enables patients the ability to remain independent at home. Our medicalsocial workers perform an initial in-home assessment to identify patients’limitations, barriers and safety concerns, and together with the patient’sinput and doctor, develop a plan of care suitable for their needs.

Medication Management:Partnering with the patient’s doctor, our nurses develop a medication schedule,evaluate the effectiveness of medications and educate the patient and/or his orher caregiver on proper dosage, frequency and side effects.

Ostomy Care: With theguidance of our certified wound, ostomy and continence care nurses, patientsand their caregivers learn how to care for and live independently with anostomy.

Rehabilitation Nursing: Aftersuffering from a severe injury, like burns, stroke, or amputation, patientsoften need rehabilitative nursing care to safely transition from hospital ortreatment center to home. Initially, the nurse will assess the patient’sabilities, then create a plan of care to address his or her individual needs.

Skilled Nursing: To helppatients regain their independence and recover from injury or illness, PriyojonHealthcare Ltd provides skilled nursing services. From medication and diseasemanagement to wound care and in-home IV therapy, we provide a wide range ofservices tailored to meet patient’s unique needs.

Therapy and Rehabilitation: Whethera patient needs physical, occupational or speech therapy, our team ofhighly-trained rehabilitation specialists assists patients in improvingstrength, mobility, balance, swallowing, and communication skills.

Wound Care: PriyojonHealthcare certified wound care nurses provide specialized care and educationto ensure wounds heal properly.

Specialty Programs:

Disease Management: Forpatients with chronic conditions, such as heart failure, diabetes and chronicobstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), our Disease Management programs aim tohelp patients maintain independence and a healthier lifestyle. Services includenursing care, rehabilitation, patient education, and in-home patientmonitoring.

Fall Prevention: Withfalls ranking as a leading cause of death among aging adults, fall preventionis an essential component of the care our team provides. For individuals whohave suffered a fall, or are at risk for falling, our homecare team providesseveral recommendations to increase a patient’s safety at home.

High Risk Patient TelephoneMonitoring Program: This patient monitoring program uses automated calls to checkon high-risk patients and identify urgent health concerns before they requireemergency care or admission to the hospital.

Home Telemonitoring Program: With theassistance of an easy-to-use device, our nurses can monitor and track patients’symptoms, vital signs, medications and other health information on a dailybasis. When negative symptoms arise, our team of nurses can intervene quicklyto ensure timely preventative action and care.

Pain Management: Forpatients suffering from acute or chronic pain, our team provides a variety oftherapy, education and nursing services to help him or her resume dailyactivities with little or no pain. Services include medication management,post-operative teaching, wound care, therapy, and rehabilitation.

Palliative Care: Somepatients face long-term, critical illnesses that negatively impact theirquality of life. Priyojon Healthcare offers support and treatment that focuseson the relief of symptoms, pain, and stress associated with managing theseconditions.

PatientEducation and Resources: We provide the necessary tools, resourcesand educational information to help patients and their caregivers control andcare for chronic health conditions.

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